White Spiders in Florida

White spiders are common in Florida.
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Some species of spiders are enormous and hairy like the tarantula, or ominous and deadly like the black widow and brown recluse. But the white spiders in Florida are small and not poisonous. Some are white as a ghost. Others have accents of color and may be camouflaged to blend in with the environment.


Ghost Spiders are one of the most common white spiders in Florida. They are less than a half inch long. They are part of the Arachnida class, in the anyphaenidae family.

White Banded Fishing

The white banded fishing spider, which grows to the size of a quarter, is known as a nursery web spider. These spiders have highly effective camouflage colors of mostly white bands blended into pale gray. Their color blends into white lichen-covered trees, making them difficult to distinguish.

Mecynogea Basilica Orbweaver

Basilica orbweaver spiders are from the family araneidae. There are six types known in Florida, but only one is white. This spider should not be confused with a North Carolina swamp orbweaver or micrathena mitrata, which are pale brown with white patches.


Some crab spiders, which are about one-quarter of an inch long, are white with tinges of yellow or black dots. Pure white crab spiders are rare. They get their name from moving sideways, like crabs. They are not as hairy as in most spiders. Found mostly in flowers and plants, they are sometime called flower spiders.