How to Wire a Mobile Home Electric Meter

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Mobiles homes consume electricity just as much as site-built homes, and they get their electric supply through a regular electric meter as well. There are usually electricity poles with overhead cables, or power outlets installed, in trailer parks from where mobile homes can tap power. Power tapped from these poles is first passed through the electric meter so that consumption is measured accurately.

    Open the meter cover using a screwdriver to expose the terminals inside. There are a total of six terminals inside the meter, three on the load (output) end, and the remaining three on the line (utility or input) end.

    Direct a cable from either an electricity pole or a power outlet in the trailer park to your meter box. Make sure this cable is not live before making any connections for your security. Ware electrical gloves to protect your hands and use the right tool for a particular job.

    Strip off the cable from the power source at the meter end to expose three wires. Strip these three wires as well to remove about an inch of insulation from their tips using a wire stripper. These three wires are insulated in red for one of the hot wires, black for the second hot wire and white for the neutral.

    Connect one of the hot wires to a terminal marked as A or L1 in some meters in the line end terminals. Do this by unscrewing the terminal to loosen it up and inserting the stripped wire tip in it, then tightening the terminal screw to make a firm connection. Join the second hot wire in the same way to the terminal marked B or L2 for some meters.

    Fix the neutral wire to the terminal marked N by loosening the terminal screw and tightening the screw once you insert the stripped tip inside. Direct a cable from the circuit breaker box to the meter and strip the sheath at the tips as well. Strip the three exposed wires as well and note that they are insulated in the same colors as the input power cable wires.

    Connect the three wires to the terminals in the load end of the meter with the two hot wires at the terminals marked L1 and L2, or A and B. Join the Neutral to the terminal marked N and replace the meter cover. Clean up your work station and power on the circuit.

    Things You'll Need

    • Screwdriver
    • Wire stripper
    • Pliers
    • Electrical gloves


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