How to Write an Integer

Integers are positive or negative.
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Integers are natural numbers, sometimes called counting numbers, and they are either positive or negative. Integers cannot contain decimal points, nor can they be fractions, unless the fraction is equivalent to one whole. Integers are used in mathematics to solve numeric expressions or to express a value. Examples of integers are 1, -2, 15 or -37.

    Think of a number. Your number can be positive or negative. It is okay to choose zero as your number choice. The number you choose can be a single digit number, such as seven, or it can be a multi-digit number, such as 19, 168, 3456, etc. The number you choose can be an odd number, such as 73 or an even number, such as 1062.

    Make sure the number you chose does not contain a decimal, such as 10.65. Also, be sure that your number is not a fraction -- meaning it does not contain a numerator or denominator -- such as 3/4. Although, technically, if you chose a fraction where the numerator and denominator are equal, the simplest form would be one, which is an integer. But for practical purposes it is best to avoid all fractions.

    Write your number on a piece of paper. You can write your integer in a variety of ways. For instance, write your integer in standard form (such as 63), expanded form (such as 100+50+2, which in standard form would be 152) or in written form (such as one thousand two hundred thirteen).

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