How to Write an Objective for a Project

How to Write an Objective for a Project
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Whenever you complete a project, it is important to fully understand the objective of your work. Defining your audience will help you hone in on your objective. Written objectives are common for students, as instructors want to make sure that students fully understanding the point of the project that they are about to undertake along with the anticipated outcome of the project.

    Think about the purpose of your project. For example, if you were assigned to do a science project on photosynthesis, your purpose might be testing whether plants need light to conduct photosynthesis, whether plants need fresh air to grow, or whether plants grow faster under certain colors or light.

    Write down note about your project's objective. For example, if you decided to test your theory that plants grow faster under a certain colored lights, your objective is to test whether the color you chose, does, in fact, causes the plant to grow faster.

    Write your objective in a relevant format. For example, your teacher may have asked you to submit a paragraph explaining your objective. In this case, you will write the objective in a narrative format. First, introduce the topic. For example, "Phototosynthesis is the process by which plants converts solar energy from the sun into chemical energy for food. Photosynthesis is an important process to human life, as the leaves release molecular oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the air." Conclude the objective statement by writing, in your own words, that you will test whether a plant will grow faster using a colored light source.


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