Young Inventors Fair Ideas

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Through participation in a young inventor's fair, creative youngsters have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovation abilities and present the world with new ideas that could improve life. To achieve success in a young inventor's fair, you must present a new idea that could be of use to others. As you plan out your fair invention, consider some potentially useful tools that creative minds have yet to invent.

Morning Routine Invention

Getting ready in the morning is a challenge for many. For your invention fair project, plan an invention that could make this daily ritual easier. Think of a device that could allow you to better multi-task in the morning, such as one that would hold your toothbrush for you so that your hands are free to button your shirt. Or develop a machine that would make even the more difficult to rouse individual hop out of the bed ready to go by providing a traditional alarm clock alternative.

Educational Improvement Invention

The process of education has changed much over the years. As you go about creating your invention fair program, plan a new technology to improve this process even more. Think of a machine that could make education more effective, or engage students more successfully, such as a rapid response assessment system that tells students immediately whether their provided responses were correct or incorrect, or a teaching tool that allows educators to project images from a hand-held device, making the displaying of charts easier to accomplish.

School Bus Alternative Invention

While school buses get the job done, they are hardly a popular mode of transportation. Plan an alternative to this get-to-school system. Consider ways in which students could get to school in groups under their own steam, such as a pedal operated car or a scooter-like device that could hold several students. When preparing your young inventor's fair presentation, explain why this newly devised method would be preferable to the traditional alternative.

Beat the Weather Invention

Staying dry in the rain or warm in the cold proves a constant challenge. While we have devices to accomplish these tasks, such as coats and umbrellas, these tools are not as effective as they possibly could be. Create an invention that would more effectively keep rain off of those braving the weather, or keep heat in and prevent those out in the winter from catching a chill. Create a life-size model of your planned invention, and enlist a volunteer to show how it might work.

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