What Does a Vole Eat?

By Contributing Writer
What Does a Vole Eat?
Microtus vole, Source: U.S. National Park Service (Public Domain)

Voles are small, mouse-like rodents that live in North America, North Africa, Europe and Asia. Their diet varies according to season and geographical region.

Sagebrush Voles

Sagebrush Voles inhabit the western section of the United States and southwestern Canada. They eat grass and leaves during summer months, and in colder months, their diet consists of twigs.

Microtus Voles

Microtus Voles---of which there are 62 known species in the genus---can be found in Asia, northern Europe and North America. Also called "meadow mice," these pudgy little rodents eat sedges and grasses in warmer months and seeds, roots, grains and tree bark when it's colder.

Heather Voles

Heather Voles live in North American forests and tundras. These small, long-haired rodents eat green foliage, berries and seeds in the summer, and the buds and bark of shrubbery during colder weather.

European Water Vole

The European Water Vole inhabits Great Britain, northern and central Europe, and some areas of Russia. These amphibious rodents eat mostly grass and plants growing near the water, though they also feed on fruits, buds and bulbs.

Taiga Vole

The Taiga Vole is found in northwestern North America, including Canada and Alaska. Usually found near bogs, these voles eat lichens, grass, berries and horsetails.