Rock On With These 7 Fun Geology Science Kits

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Geology is the study of the solid earth – the study of the different rocks, minerals, oil and other materials that make up the earth’s crust. Learning more about geology means learning more about the world around us, and how the structure of the earth affects humans – say, by geologic events like earthquakes and floods.

Since you’re surrounded by the earth, it’s easy to start learning about geology anytime, anywhere. And these science kits are here to help. Read on to find fun geology kits to try out, whether you’re looking to start a killer rock collection, learn more about dinosaur fossils, or just love learning about crystals.

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National Geographic Premium Geode Break Science Kit

Look at the outside of a geode and you won’t see anything special – spoiler alert, it just looks like a rock. Break geodes open, however, you’ll get to see the crystals inside. Geodes are formed when lava cools with gas trapped in the middle, or when fossils or minerals are removed from rock. Over time, new minerals leach in and crystallize, creating the gorgeous crystal formations inside. This kit comes with everything you need to break your geodes open and see the crystals inside – and, bonus you can use the opened geodes as decorations.

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Geology Game With Rock Collection

If you’re looking to start a rock collection, this is the perfect way to do it. This science kit comes with a collection of polished minerals, like rose quartz and tiger’s eye, plus specimens from the three major types of rock: sedimentary rock, formed when sediments like sand are compressed into stone; igneous rock, formed as lava cools; and metamorphic rock, created through a chemical reaction in response to heat or pressure. The kit even comes with an easy-to-carry bag, so you can keep your collection with you anywhere, and and educational card game so you can make learning fun.

Available at Amazon:Rock On! Geology Game With Rock Collection

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Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs Science Kit

Geology isn’t just about rocks – it’s also a study of what’s embedded in those rocks. Including fossils like dinosaur skeletons. This science kit has everything you need to play archaeologist. Use the provided hammer and chisel to unearth a ​Tyrannosaurus rex​ skeleton from a miniature dig site. Then read more fun facts about dinosaurs.

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Kitchen Science Volcano Kit

Love reading about seismic events, like landslides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? Good news – they’re all things geologists love studying, too. And volcanoes are an important part of geology, since they contain magma and lava that forms new rocks and changes earth’s landscape. This science kit makes it easy to create your own volcanic “eruption” at home, using a simple chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda. It’s ideal for science fair season, since you can explain both the real-world science of volcanoes and the chemistry behind the eruption.

Available at Amazon:KidzLabs Kitchen Science Kit

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Aftershock Earthquake Lab Set

Seismology, the study of earthquakes, might be the most action-packed field within geology. Earthquakes happen when the massive slabs of rock that make up the Earth’s crust, called tectonic plates, rub against each other. That movement creates friction – and since the plates are so massive, that friction leads to earthquakes when those plates shift position. Earthquakes are usually followed by smaller earthquakes, called aftershocks, that occur as the plates settle into their new position.

Pick up this science kit to see aftershocks in action. You can build structures to see how they withstand different types of earthquakes – and learn why it’s so important to have strong buildings in earthquake-prone areas.

Available at Amazon:SmartLab Toys Aftershock Earthquake Lab Set

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Crystal Growing Kit

Crystals are ​the​ coolest-looking minerals, and this kit makes it easy to grow your own at home. In nature, crystals are formed when trace minerals in the environment form highly organized chemical networks, growing into the visible spear-like, cube-shaped and hexagonal crystals you’d recognize today. This at-home kit works the same way but speeds up the process, so you can create salt-based crystals that will grow to 2 to 2.5 inches within a few days.

Available at Amazon:Crystal Growing Science Kit

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